Mr. Rachel Imamkhan.


  • international criminal law,
  • regular adult criminal law,
  • immigration law
  • general and spatial administrative law

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Get to the bottom of it.

Become involved with the case. Get to the bottom of it. Pour in your energy, your empathy. See new options even when situations look hopeless. This typifies Rachel Imamkhan’s approach. A passionate lawyer, for years she has been the advocate of Dutch prisoners being held abroad. It was for this purpose that she founded PrisonLaw in 2005 ( 

Rachel took her law degree at VU University Amsterdam in 2004 with two masters, in constitutional law and administrative law. She started her career as an interim lawyer with several government institutions, but soon decided that she wanted to work as a lawyer in international criminal law and immigration law. This specialisation brought her to places such as Asia, where she analysed international legislation in relation to labour immigration and human trafficking for a number of NGOs.

She is a member of the Dutch Association of Lawyers Specialised in Migration Law (SVMA) and the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers in Amsterdam.

She is a member of

  • the Dutch Association of Lawyers Specialised in Migration Law (SVMA).
  • the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers in Amsterdam (VSAN).
  • and the the Mens en Strafrecht Foundation (MenS).

Imamkhan works as a lawyer both for her own law firm and for PrisonLAW.

What does the law firm do for you?

International criminal law: from surrender of nationals to extradition

Are you wanted within the European Union or outside the European Union? Then you want to know your rights. And where you stand. We advise people in relation to surrender and extradition procedures.

If you are being held in custody in a foreign country and cannot return to the Netherlands because you have not received the correct documents, we can help. Get in touch with us.

Immigration law

With her specialisations in international criminal law and immigration law, Rachel Imamkhan represents many people in their criminal process, which also has consequences for their rights of residence. Do you want to return to the Netherlands with your family? Are you seriously ill and unable to return to your country of origin for medical reasons? Or are you detained in custody abroad and will your residence permit be cancelled? Lawyer Rachel Imamkhan will take action immediately.

Register of jurisdictions and supervision

Rachel Imamkhan has registered the following areas of law in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar:

  • Criminal law
  • Immigration law

This registration obliges her to obtain ten training points each calendar year in each registered field of law, in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar.