Law Firm Imamkhan

Sort things out to the bottom. Energetic and empathetic. Seeing new possibilities, even when situations seem hopeless.
This is characteristic of Imamkhan’s law firm.

In criminal law, someone is innocent until proven otherwise. Imamkhan law firm is committed to this in defending your rights.

International criminal law

According to criminal law, a person is innocent until proven guilty. The Imamkhan law office is a firm advocate of this. We fight for your rights.

Criminal law

If you were not born in the Netherlands, there is a separate set of rules if you want your partner or a family member to join you in this country.

Immigration law

In such a case, you may no longer be allowed to live in the Netherlands, or perhaps you may not even enter Europe.

Pronouncement of undesirability

Administrative law describes the rules that the government must adhere to when taking decisions. These decisions deal with all kinds of topics.

Administrative law

What does the law firm do for you?

With a specialization in international criminal law and immigration law, Rachel Imamkhan assists many people in their criminal proceedings that also have residence-law consequences. But also when it comes to international criminal law.

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